About RadixCharts

RadixCharts is an analytics platform that provides insights into the Radix DLT ecosystem. It offers various statistics and data visualisations to help you understand the performance and growth of the Radix network. The data shown includes information about token price, transaction volume, staking statistics and social media presence.


The project was originally inspired by the Radix community that manually checked telegram group members to create some ranking for NFT projects. That was a lot of work for a simple result, so we thought it should be automated. Loving data and statistics it was just natural to start up this project and bring some benefits to the Radix community. The project was started in September 2022 and since then our services have grown significantly.


Our main goal is to aggregate and combine available data from different sources to provide a good overview of activities within the Radix ecosystem. We want to be your primary information source.

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Grants & Awards
Scrypto Portfolio Challenge

September 2022: As a fresh student of the Scrypto Class of 2022, our founder Nelly participated in the Scrypto Challenge about portfolio management and yield farming. With only a couple of weeks of learning Scrypto she submitted her project Juicy Yields and was awarded an honorable mention for her first blueprint.

Dandelion Program Grant

January 2023: The Radix Ecosystem Metrics page on RadixCharts is the result of a Dandelion Program grant. With this program RDX Works rewared people with great marketing ideas. With our work we delivered a transparent, real-time visualization of the economic activity taking place on the Radix platform, providing valuable insights into the health and growth of the Radix ecosystem.

Developer Incentive

September 2023: Our founder Nelly has been awarded with $1,500 of XRD as part of the Scrypto Developer Incentive program! The RDX Works team has been impressed with her work with RadixCharts which is constantly being used internally to provide convenient data retrieval and visuals. With that, $1,500 of XRD has been awarded as a token of appreciation and recognition to our work!

Babylon Booster Grant

November 2023: Babylon Booster Grants is an initiative to further strengthen the foundations of an even more successful and thriving ecosystem post the Radix Mainnet Babylon upgrade. Selected projects launching latest 6 weeks after Babylon were supported with $15K USD and additional co-marketing opportunities! We are very grateful for this grant and will use it to further develop RadixCharts.


We are collaborating with RadixScan - your community explorer for the Radix network, offering tools and a wealth of information on network activity, validators, tokens... and much more. Visit them to search and export transactions, check the value of your account or view your own staking dashboard.